Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Big Thank You!

It's been pretty exciting around here lately -- first, Lindsey over at Dangerous with a Pen sent me a Versatile Blogger Award. Then less than a week later, Carol at Artzicarol Rambling bestowed upon me the same honor! You both absolutely made my day, and I am most happy to accept the award and pass it on to other deserving bloggers. And according to the rules, I will now list seven things about myself:

1. My first language was Japanese. I was less than a year old when my family moved to Okinawa and I spent a large amount of time with Yoshiko, who spent most of her time caring for me. Yoshiko spoke no English, but I picked up Japanese very quickly! Today, I don't remember a word of Japanese, but I will never forget Yoshiko!

2. My favorite color is indigo.

3. My favorite car was an acqua-colored MG Midget that I bought back in 1975. I miss driving that little car -- it was so much fun!

4. I have a cockroach phobia. I am terrified of the things! Working in a science museum, I have had to handle snakes, tarantulas, and even scorpions. No problem. But cockroaches? Ugh! Too creepy!

5. I love broccoli almost as much as I love chocolate. Hmmm...I'm thinking...maybe I could saute some broccoli with a little bit of orange zest in a chocolate sauce with some chili powder or chipotle...

6. I don't wear high-heels. They are too dangerous. The last time I wore high-heels (back in 1982), I went to get out of my van, but my heel got stuck in the hem of my dress and I fell out of the van and broke my leg. Come to think of it, I don't wear dresses much any more, either. Jeans with a nice white shirt and white canvas Keds have never gotten me in any trouble.

7. My mother tells me that as a toddler I used to eat dirt. She says it was an added treat if there happened to be roly-polies in the dirt (you know, those little brittle wormy looking things that like to curl up into tight buggy fetal positions) -- they added that extra crunch. So, I apologize to all those little bugs I ate and I hope they are all happily cavorting in roly-poly heaven where there are no three-year-old kids squatting in the dirt and patting out mud cakes with bugaboos stuck in their teeth.

Now for the really fun part. -- I get to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to seven other bloggers. It's really hard to choose because I have come across some great blogs out there, but here goes:

1.Laura Eno at A Shift in Dimensions.
2. Suzy Turner.
3. PV Lundqvist.
4. Kate Higgins at Kate's Pictures and Words.
5. Carole Anne Carr at caroleannecarr.
6. Melissa J. Cunningham at A Writer's Reality.
7. Jennifer Rose at Wonder Turtle Soaps.

Please take a moment to check out these wonderful blogs and congratulate the writers.

Again, a great big "Thank You" to Lindsey Brooks and Carol Riggs. I appreciate the award and the wonderful writing and blogging community that makes writing and reading so much fun!


Carole Anne Carr said...

Thank you for the award, Debbie, very kind of you to think of me. Loved your comments, though not so keen on the story about the bugs.... :0)

Laura Eno said...

Thank you, Debbie! I'm honored that you thought of me. #4 cracked me up. :)

Debbie said...

Carole -- You are very welcome. I love your blog. By the way, I try very hard to not eat bugs anymore, but who knows? (I've heard tales about how many spiders the average person inadvertently eats in a lifetime).

Debbie said...

Laura -- you are most welcome and deserving. I have spent a lifetime trying to overcome #4!

Laura Eno said...

I have an award for you on my blog. :)
A Shift in Dimensions

Carol Riggs said...

Ha, the same thing happened to me with this award, getting awarded twice within a week. Nice to learn some fascinating things about you! (LOL, the rolypolies as curled in a fetal position) GAWSH, I'd take a cockroach crawling over me rather than a tarantula, any day!!!

Suzy Turner said...

Oh you are so kind!! Thank you so much for my Versatile Blogger Award... how lovely!!
And thanks for leaving such a great comment on my blog!

Debbie said...

Laura -- congratulations on all of your awards! And thank you for mine!

Carol -- congrats again on your award (and getting it twice!). The tarantula wasn't really all that bad -- her name was Rosie and she had the sweetest disposition.

Suzy -- you are very welcome. I love to read your blog and I thank you for following mine! Love your Santa hat!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Debbie -- I just dropped in via Laura Eno's blog. Congratulations on your awards, too. You have a great list. The one about not wearing high heels or skirts is right on. And the cockroaches. I lived in Florida 11 years before we retired to Colorado, and I don't miss those giant cockroaches (Palmetto bugs?) one bit.

Debbie said...

Hi, Patricia -- thanks for the compliment and for stopping by my blog! You're right, the giant cockroaches are Palmetto bugs and those are the ones that give me nightmares!

Carol Riggs said...

Hey, my Google Reader had a post by you about whether Santa Claus existed or not, and the magic of Christmas, but then I clicked on it to leave a comment, and it says it doesn't exist! Wonder where it went.

Anyway...I never told my daughters that Santa existed. I presented him as a magical story, made-up, though I did caution them not to say anything to other kids, who still really believed in Santa. They still really enjoyed Santa (actually, we had a variation called Santa Cat who left their presents!), and I had the satisfaction of not lying to my children. ;o)

Debbie said...

Hi Carol -- I was still editing my post about Christmas when I accidentally "published" it. I am going to be publishing it for real probably tomorrow.

I had the "great Santa debate" when I was very young and my daughter had the same issues. At first I never told her whether Santa actually existed or not, but it seemed pretty important to her that I tell her the truth. Like you, I cautioned her not to say anything to other kids.

I think "Santa Cat" is a wonderful variation! We actually made up a "Santa Kitty" who came and left presents for our cats. Of course, my kids always knew Santa Kitty was made up because they helped make him up.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Loved your Christmas blog and will have mine up soon.

Merry Christmas!!!